Is the weight of your assembled product meeting new standards? Bangor Plastics is continuously working to reduce component weights without sacrificing safety, performance or durability. One way to reduce the overall weight of your product assembly is to utilize thermoset composites.

Thermoset composites are are materials that undergo a chemical reaction (cure) and transform from a liquid to a solid. In its uncured form, the material has very small, unlinked molecules (known as monomers). The addition of a second material (catalyst) and heat  will initiate the chemical reaction. During this reaction the molecules cross-link and form significantly longer molecular chains, causing the material to solidify. This change is permanent and irreversible.

As we progress into the future,  transportation industries such as automotive and aerospace are working to meet higher fuel economy requirements and lower emission standards. The overall vehicle weight plays an important part in helping achieve these goals. As a result, the automotive industry has invested prototyping many different engine and under hood components using Thermoset Composites, resulting in a mass savings of almost 30%. Typical parts range from oil pans, water pump housings, and cam carriers, all of which have stringent structural components. Dyno and field testing have shown that the new components meet the requirements of the existing metal counterparts. 

The aerospace industry has utilized composites for decades and continues to consider weight reducing options. Composites have reduced weight and increased durability in aircraft landing sytems as well as power distribution panels. This is a direct utilization of thermoset composites with excellent bearing and insulator properties, while reducing their overall weight at the same time.

Composite materials are not the magic bullet for all circumstances but if carefully considered during the design phase and properly applied, there are many successful applications available. If you’d like to speak with someone about reducing the weight of your product assembly you can call us at (888) 969-4081. If you’d like to receive a quote, you can fill out a quote request here.